Active raw material custom-made for any requirement



Active oxygen: cellular energizer available for YOUR cosmetic products.



The properties of oxygen-ozone in YOUR formulations. For innovative wellness.


Veterinary, medical, sports

Oxygen-ozone for topical use: many other applications to be discovered!

Only oil + oxygen ozone in a natural way

All the benefits of oxygen-ozone combined with and enhanced by the properties of the oils

  • Castor OliO3

    Castor: all the benefits of oxygen-ozone without the scent of ozone; it can also be mixed with Alcohol and with glacial acetic acid; slightly soluble in petroleum ether.

  • Olive OliO3

    Extra virgin Olive
    Organic extra virgin Olive

    Olive: hydrating, antioxidant and stimulating, used since ancient times for the beauty and care of body,

  • Argan OliO3

    Argan: rich in vitamin E, it stimulates the natural endogenous defences against irritants and environmental stressors

  • Jojoba OliO3

    Jojoba: rich in esters, it is the vegetable oil that most closely resembles human sebum. With excellent skin protecting and hydrating properties, it helps to minimize imperfections

  • Sunflower OliO3

    Sunflower: rich in linoleic acid, lecithin, tocopherols, carotenoids and waxes, it gives new energy to cells, improves the disposal of lactic acid and reduces fatigue

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Who we are

We produce only and exclusively ozonated oils in our modern laboratories. We DO NOT produce “finished” cosmetic products, but only functional substances to be used as raw material and, out of professionalism, we NEVER set ourselves up as competitors to our clients.

Our company was born out of a group of businesses operating in the “ozone” sector: equipment, treatments, services and ozonated oils.